General Conditions

The general conditions of Heartbeach Lombok

All bookings (both bookings made in the surf school itself and bookings made via the website and via social media) are subject to our terms and conditions.

We kindly request you to read the general conditions on the website / in the surf school carefully, because these form the basis for your contract with Heartbeach Lombok. Moreover, the rights and obligations for both parties are described in these conditions.
In the following conditions, “you”, “the main booker” or “the student” refers to the person making the booking, and “we” or “the surf school” refers to Heartbeach Lombok. When making a booking you accept our terms and conditions.

The prices of the surf lessons that Heartbeach Lombok offers may change. However, when the booking is made and the course has been paid, the price will not change anymore.

If you want to change your booking, we will allow the changes if possible: If you or one of your group members is not able to attend the surf lesson, the booking can be transferred to a different person, if this person meets all the requirements of the original booking.
If you want to add an extra student to your booking, you should always check with us whether there is enough space available. You can contact us via our website or phone number to check this availability. The price of your booking may be higher or lower with the changes you request, but keep in mind that fewer participants will not necessarily result in a lower booking price.

1. The outstanding amount for the surf lesson must be paid in cash to Heartbeach Lombok upon arrival at the surf school (in the case of a booking without payment in advance).
2. For changes to your existing booking, you can contact Heartbeach Lombok directly via the website or via our phone number.
3. Stuff can be left behind in the warung or in the boat while surfing. However, Heartbeach Lombok takes no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen items.
4. You will be picked up at your accommodation in Kuta prior to your surf lesson.
5. The maximum time for each surf lesson is 2.5 hours.

With every booking we include transport from your accommodation in Kuta to the surf spot, and back to your accommodation. In case you do not want to make use of our transport service, we expect you to be at the surf school 15 minutes before the start of the surf lesson.

It is the responsibility of the main booker to ensure that all members of the group are physically able to participate in the surf lesson. The main booker is responsible for informing Heartbeach Lombok about medical issues that may affect the students safety and about any special needs for group members. We kindly request the main booker to inform us directly when making the booking, so we can prepare and handle according the situation.
In addition, a swimming diploma is mandatory for every student when participating in our surf lesson.

Heartbeach Lombok reserves the right to cancel the booking if the student refuses to follow the instructions of our employees. Heartbeach Lombok may also cancel the booking at any time if the student’s behavior endangers or in any way hinders other students, employees or a third party, or if property of the surf school or of others is damaged.
Heartbeach Lombok reserves the right to cancel / shorten the surf lesson due to circumstances beyond our control such as, but not limited to, war, riots, government actions, terrorism, fire, weather conditions, strikes and all such circumstances that prevent surf school abide by the contract. In such circumstances, Heartbeach Lombok is not obliged to give you your money back.

A cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel after the booking has been made and the booking has been confirmed by us.

We do not give any money back:
* When the student wants to stop surfing before the 2.5 hours have ended;
* If the student has purchased a multi-day surf package but does not want to surf every day;
* When the student was injured during class;
* For the down payment, for whatever reason;
* If you want to cancel the booking within 24 hours before the surf lesson is taking place.

If the surfing conditions become unsafe during the lesson, the instructor can continue the lesson on the beach, or the lesson will be delayed. In the event of a delay, we will give you a choice of alternative data.

All cases of surfboard use and rental are subject to the conditions of Heartbeach Lombok. Please note: surf experience is required for renting a surfboard.
If you cause any dings in the surfboard or break the surfboard, you must reimburse the expenses. You will also be charged for the loss, damage or breakage of the fins of the surfboard or legrope.

If you use or rent a Heartbeach Lombok rash guard and you lose or damage the rash guard, you must reimburse the expenses.

We regularly take photos and videos of our students. Heartbeach Lombok reserves the right to use these materials in our brochures, social media and other promotional material. When you participate in our surf lesson, you agree that we are aloud to use the photos and videos for promotion, advertising and publicity in any way. In addition, you agree that the copyright of the material lies with authorised parties. If you do not agree, please send an email to [email protected]

We strongly recommend that you get insured. It is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance policy reimburses any possible (emergency) accidents in the water sport activities in which you will participate.
Heartbeach Lombok takes responsibility if one of the services that we offer does not meet the requirements. This includes the behaviour of our employees and suppliers.
We are not responsible for death, injury or illness. The surf school does not accept a claim for the medical bill and or other costs during the medical treatment of the guest.

12.1 Health:
All students must be physically fit and in good medical condition before and during the surf lesson. All students must notify us at the time of booking in case there are any diseases or disabilities (such as diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, heart problems, recent injuries, hearing problems, vision problems, etc.) that may affect their participation. If students are unsure whether they can participate due to possible health problems, we kindly request them to visit a doctor before making a booking, and show us an approval letter from the doctor if necessary.
In case a student needs medication, the student is required to bring the medication to the lesson. The student must inform the employees of Heartbeach Lombok about the medicine, and how to use it. Please keep in mind that some surfing locations are remote and that there is not always civilisation around.
Heartbeach Lombok reserves the right to reject bookings for medical reasons if it is likely that the medical problems will affect the safety of the guest.

Our goal is to give you a pleasant surfing experience without any problems. If you have a problem or complaint, it is important and in your own interest that you report this immediately to a surf school employee so that we can act immediately and resolve the problem. If your complaint cannot be resolved immediately, you can notify us by email at [email protected] We recommend that you report problems to our employees without delay. If you do not do this, we do not have the opportunity to investigate the problem and resolve it directly for you, and this may affect your rights under this contract. The surf school will do everything to offer you a suitable alternative, but is not liable for changes due to external influences. We are not liable for dissatisfaction caused by problems that are not reported to us within 3 days after the surf lesson.

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