Heartbeach Lombok officially enters the waves as a surfschool! After spending many hours in the ocean and many hours online we finally did it: you can book your experience in the ocean via our website! Yaaay! We are so proud and so happy of the result of our website! But hey, we still need to learn a lot, so if you have any tips and tricks for our website, or any suggestions, please let us know!

Since we are still working on Heartbeach Lombok’s building, you can temporarily find us in Rini Surfshop, located in the centre of Kuta. However, we are flexible: if you prefer to meet us at your accommodation or somewhere else, we are happy to come over!

Last but not least we have a special offer for our first customer:
Be our first online booking customer and receive a special discount on your unforgettable surfing experience 

We are looking forward to meet you soon in Kuta!