Lombok: one of the best surf spots in the world!

Surf school

Heartbeach Lombok is a surf school on the beautiful island of Lombok, Indonesia. In Lombok you find the second largest volcano of Indonesia (the Rinjani), elongated white sandy beaches, and a clear blue ocean. The only traffic jams in southern Lombok are caused by buffalo’s crossing the road. Lombok means ‘chili’ in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) and not without reason: the locals love spicy food.


Lombok is famous because of her waves and is even called one of the best surf spots in the world! Therefore, Lombok is the place to surf: whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced surfer, Lombok has a wave for everyone!

Customized Surf Packages

We teach you all the tips and tricks of surfing and ensure that you get familiar with it at your own pace. We organise surf lessons for beginners and intermediates, and we organise surf guiding for intermediate and advanced surfers. You don’t need to worry about anything: Heartbeach Lombok will arrange it all for you, so you can focus on the surfing!

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