Discover South-Lombok

Go on adventure, walk through the nature, mix yourself amongst the locals and enjoy South-Lombok

Besides surfing, there is a lot to do in the south of Lombok. Too much to mention actually, so Heartbeach Lombok selected a few highlights. If you would like to receive some more information about the area, please contact us and we will give you some extra tips.

Some highlights:

How cool is it to design your own surfboard?

We are happy to take you to the studio of Sudir, where he will show you how he makes his custom made surfboards. Sudir uses high-quality EPS foam and epoxy resin for his surfboards. The fiberglass, fin and leash plugs are imported from Ventura, California.

Sudir is the first surfboard shaper in Lombok. He knows how to make a high-quality hand-made sufboard like no other. Years of research, experiments, a lot of patience and trial and error have led to the formula that he continues to use today.

Sudir makes a surfboard for you based on your surfing style, skills and the waves you surf. If you want you can even see how the surfboard is made during the 7 – 10 day process that is needed!

In consultation with Sudir

When you surf a lot, tensions can arise in particular in your back, neck and shoulder. Therefore, it is important to relax after surfing. A back, neck and shoulder massage from Bon helps you to relax. Moreover, a massage improves resistance, stimulates positive emotions and reduces stress, pain and anxiety. The blood circulation accelerates, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to help them restore and improve their condition. This back, neck and shoulder massage ensures that your body is ready for the next surfing session!

Bon is also specialised in surf and shoulder therapy. Surfing requires a lot from your body, and especially the shoulder joints and muscles play a major role in surfing. Many surfers suffer from a shoulder problem, which can have various causes. Bon knows everything about shoulders, can trace the cause of the pain or irritation and he will give you the right treatment and tips to reduce your shoulder complaints.

In consultation with Bon

In Kuta Lombok you can do a workshop with silversmith Pai, where you can make your own ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings out of silver. Pai guides you through the process and ensures your jewellery looks as you wish. The price for the workshop depends on what you desire to make, the amount of silver needed, and whether special gemstones or pearls are added.

In addition it is possible to order jewellery (rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings) in silver or gold. You can design your own jewellery and choose whether you want to add gemstones or pearls to your jewellery. Pai loves to make something special for you!

Standard workshop (silver ring excl. stones/pearls)
IDR 500.000 (≈ EUR 32*) p.p.

Ari loves to teach you how to be creative with coconuts. When thinking about a coconut, most people link a coconut with making a curry or drinking the coconut juice, but a coconut is so much more than that!
It is possible to start with a coconut, and make a bowl out of it, or a cup, a spoon, a drinking cup, a jug, hair accessory and so on. The workshop focuses on making a bowl, but if you have a specific wish you can always discuss this with Ari.

During the workshop you will be guided during the entire process from coconut to bowl. Regard cutting the bowl, cleaning, grinding and finishing it. And of course you can take your own bowl home. Not only a nice souvenir, but also a good addition to the kitchen. For example, you can use the bowl for serving breakfast (yogurt or smoothiebowl), a fruit salad, noodles or soup.

IDR 250.000 (≈ EUR 16*) p.p.

Tetebatu is known for its beautiful nature and rice fields. Opick grew up in Tetebatu, and he loves to take you to the nicest places in the area. You start the day with the special “Lombok kopi” (coffee, but tea is also allowed of course) at a local woman who makes this “Lombok kopi” herself. She will explain you how she makes the coffee exactly.
After the coffee you go for a walk through the rice fields. Opick will tell you all about the rice terraces and about the process of growing and processing the rice. When you enjoyed enough of the rice fields, you continue to a beautiful little waterfall where you can take a swim and refresh yourself.
If there is time left, you can discuss with Opick whether it is possible to visit the black monkey in the forest or to visit a little bamboo factory before you start the drive back to Kuta.

Note: transport is not included in the price. It is possible to go by scooter or by car. Please let us know your preferences so we can organise the trip accordingly.

Entrance waterfall and park, coffee tasting, walk through the rice fields, parking
IDR 250.000 (≈ EUR 16*) p.p.

Onel knows the surroundings of Pink Beach by heart, and is happy to share the most beautiful places with you! The biggest part of the trip is done by boat, and snorkelling / swimming is possible at almost every stop. Onel will pick you up in the morning at your accommodation in Kuta, and from here he will drive you to the east by car. You stop on the way for a nasi campur-breakfast and a cup of coffee or tea at a local warung. After, you continue to the fishing harbour where Onel chooses your lunch from the fresh fish catch of the morning. If you have preferences, please let him know! The fish will be grilled for you later on the day.

From the harbour you depart by boat to the surroundings of Pink Beach. You visit different islands and can swim or snorkel in most places. The sea is clear, the surroundings are beautiful and the views are breathtaking. If you want to see something of the east side of Lombok and you like to explore for a full day, this trip with Onel is highly recommended.

Is Pink Beach actually pink? Yes and no!
The pink in the sand of Pink Beach comes from the pieces of dead red coral that breaks loose in the sea. When these pieces wash ashore, they mix with the white sandy beach. You can see these red pieces of coral everywhere in the sand at Pink Beach. Sometimes the conditions create a pink glow over the beach, but sometimes the pink glow is not there or hard to see. Please keep this in mind when you visit Pink Beach.

All included trip with transport, snorkel gear, lunch and parking
IDR 500.000 (≈ EUR 32*) p.p.

During a trip to the ‘Secret Gili’s’ in the west of Lombok, you visit the islands of Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis. ‘Gili’ means ‘island’ in Sasak, the language of Lombok.
The gili’s are small in size and are called the ‘Secret Gili’s’ because of their natural and untouched setting. It is forbidden to fish in this area, which makes snorkelling even more attractive: you will be surrounded by tropical fish and you will find places with amazing coral.
Heartbeach Lombok loves to take you to the Secret Gili’s for a day. You leave in the morning from Kuta to Lembar, from where you will sail to the islands by boat. At all the islands you can snorkel, swim, sunbathe and sometimes you can kayak (extra charge). 
If you would like to discover the islands and enjoy nature, then a trip to the Secret Gili’s is highly recommended!
Transport (car and boat), snorkel gear and lunch are included in the trip.

It’s also a possibility to travel to the islands by yourself. You can spend the night in Gili Sudak if you want, and once in a while Yang Nomads organises a camping trip to Gili Kedis.

Minimal two persons
Price depends on the amount of persons going on the trip

If you want to explore the ‘jungle’ and refresh yourself at the waterfalls, you can book a day trip to Benang Kelambu/Benang Stokel. These waterfalls are situated near the foot of the Rinjani, a 1 to 1,5 hour drive from Kuta. Note: the volcano area is rainy and the road is not always easily accessible. Please be careful if you want to drive there by scooter. On the spot you have the choice how many waterfalls you want to visit. The first two/three waterfalls are close to the entrance, while the other waterfalls are a bit more far. Therefor you need to climb a little through the jungle to reach them. In addition you will see more of the natural environment. Be warned if you walk around with bananas though: the monkeys love them!

In Kuta Lombok, there is a local market every Wednesday- and every Sunday morning. This local market is certainly worth a visit! You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, chicken, but also clothes, tobacco, toys and hygienic products. Learn a few sentences of Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) and you will have a great experience! Important for woman: since Lombok remains Islamic and the local population appreciates it when you respect their culture, it is better to wear a sarong or long pants and make sure your shoulders are covered when visiting the local market.

The market will be set up in the morning around 6.00 am / 6.30 am and around 9.30 / 10.00 am the sellers start cleaning up and packing again. Therefor the best time to visit the market is between 7.00 and 8.00 am.

If you like culture and want to get in contact with the locals in one of the traditional villages, it is definitely worth it to visit Sade, Ende or Sukarare. There are guides present to tell you everything about the culture, and the women show you how to make a sarong. It is very important for them to know how to make a sarong, otherwise the Sasak-women are not allowed to marry! They are happy to share their knowledge with you, and you can also make some stitches in a sarong yourself.

There is a lot to discover in the south of Lombok. You can do this either by scooter (so you are very flexible!), or you can rent a car or drive around with a private driver. You can visit many beaches in the area (the most popular ones include: Tanjung Aan, Are Guling, Mawun, Mawi, Selong Belanak), drive through the rice fields or walk around in the villages (please wear proper clothes!). Undoubtedly you will be ‘stuck in traffic’ by crossing buffalo’s or by a traditional Sasak wedding where everyone walks in a procession on the street. Feel free to join in the wedding – the locals love it! But wherever you go: do not forget to enjoy the beautiful views along the way.

* The prices are based on the exchange rate of February 1st, 2020