Surf conditions

Get informed about the surfing conditions in the various surf spots in South Lombok

Surf forecast

Would you like to know what is the best moment to grab your surfboard and jump into the ocean? Keep a close look at this surf forecast!

The surf forecast includes essential information regarding the surf conditions for the next 7 days. Please always bear in mind that the forecast is for near-shore open water and local factors at each surf break influence the actual breaking wave height, such as the beach / reef profile and water depths offshore.

However, this forecast is based on Kuta Bay Lombok (where you are not able to surf often, but usually the locals decide where to surf based on the swell in Kuta Bay), but there are many surf spots in the south of Lombok. The forecast also provides information about the surfing conditions of these surf spots. The best known surf spots are the following:

Beginners: Selong Belanak, Gerupuk (Inside, Don Don’s & Kids Point), Ekas (Inside)

Intermediates: Gerupuk (Inside, Outside, Don Don’s & Kids Point), Tanjung Aan, Segar, Are Guling, Ekas (Inside & Outside)

Advanced: Mawi, Gerupuk (Outside), Are Guling, Segar, Ekas (Outside), Desert Point (Desert Point is elected “Best Wave in the World” by Tracks magazine’s readers)

Surf Kuta Lombok

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Surf season

Lombok is a year-round surfing destination. From April till early November the waves are usually a bit bigger and the swells have a longer period. During wet season (November till March) there is a smaller swell. The swells arrive from a south-southwestern to west-southwestern direction. The south coast of Lombok is cliffy and rocky, with many small islands and some deep bays. This gives Lombok more flexibility in regards to swell size, and therefor there are waves for everyone! Small waves are usually found in Selong Belanak, while the reefs at Mawi, Desert Point and the deep bays of Gerupuk and Ekas regularly ensure high waves. In terms of location, most surf breaks are truly breathtaking. In short: there is surf for everyone in this little paradise!